When the Internet appeared, the world has changed, the whole world including business, becoming today an indispensable business component that offers many opportunities to organizations and more opportunities.It happens to bequite important for a modern company to have the system that shortens the response time for the customer requests, so providing support as well as quality of service. When it comes to сrm in Australia then you need to understand the followings.

Essentially, Customer Relationship Management contributes to improving the relationship of the organization with its clients. Within these relationships, performance is achieved taking into account the following:

  • Satisfaction of internal and external clients of the organization
  • Positioning the client in the middle of the organization’s activities
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Preferential(individual) customer treatment
  • Improving communication with clients
  • The value attributed by the organization to its clients

Actions for improvement the client fidelity

The notion of Customer Relationship Management became popular in the mid-1990s.MRC’s philosophy is to recognize that a long-term relationship with customers can be one of the most important assets of an organization, offering competitive advantages and improved profitability.The free market, diversification and globalization have stimulated a dramatic increase in competition. These market realities become forced companies for changing their product center approach in a customer basedapproach. Through switching from sellers to buyers, often in many branches, goods are no longer sold, but are actively bought by customers. This is why MRC is trying to optimize the link between business partners to the benefit of both parties.

Definition of Customer Relationship Management (MRC)

The themes approached by MRC are very extensive and are on the border of many classical and modern disciplines. This gives it an interdisciplinary and complex character.

According to experts Customer Relationship Management:

Is the global process of creating and maintaining profitable relationships with customers by providing a superior degree of value and customer satisfaction?

Concluding, Customer Relationship Management involves the process of managing customer information and communicating with customers, the effect being to increase their loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management has three components:

  • Customers
  • The relationship of the organization with the clients

The management

The clientis the only source of profit for the organization, the loyalty of the clients being difficult to obtain or to buy. MRC is client-centered, based on long-term relationship with customers, bringing benefits and value to the sold product.

Customer RelationshipsThe relationship between the organization and its clients consists of continuous and interactive bidirectional communication. The relationship can be long-term or short-term, continuous or discreet, repetitive or once. The relationship can be attitude or behavior.

Although customers may have a positive attitude towards the organization and its products, buying behavior may be unpredictable. The management involves managing these relationships so that they are profitable and mutually beneficial.

ManagementItinvolves ongoing changes in the culture and processes of the organization. Collecting customer information, offering organization benefits and market opportunities. The MRC requires major changes in employee thinking and behavior and implicitly in the organization.

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