If you want to demolish a vehicle, you have to deliver it to an authorized collection center or if you give it to buy another to the manufacturer’s dealer / car market / branch.The manager of the collection center, or the concessionaire / car market / branch of the manufacturer, must provide within thirty days of delivery of the vehicle, the cancellation of the vehicle from the Public Motor Registry (PRA) through the presentation of the request for “cessation of circulation for demolition”.

If an administrative detention order is entered in the PRA on the vehicle to be demolished, it will be necessary to first cancel the administrative detention (after having paid the sums due to the concessionaire of the taxes) and after requesting the “cessation of circulation for demolition”. For the proper option for the famous for demolition services this is the best deal.

Before requesting demolition, it is advisable to request a “visura”, indicating the vehicle registration number, to the ACI Territorial Unit, Public Automobile Registry (PRA), or via the online service, to verify that the vehicle is not registered an administrative detention.

What to do

Together with the vehicle to be demolished, the license plates, the registration certificate and the paper ownership certificate (or supplementary sheet) must be delivered to the authorized collection center or to the concessionaire / branch of the manufacturer.

Canvas or PVC, fixed on the front of a caravan or camper, the awning is both an entrance hall and a living room. Its walls are liftable and materialize doors and windows to bring in daylight. Its frame is made of steel. The seal on the caravan is provided by foam rolls.

Maintenance of the awning during camping

The awning can suffer several aggressions (rain, dirt) during your stay at the campsite. Whether waterproof canvas or PVC, it is important not to use a stain remover. If it is PVC, a wet sponge will suffice. If it is made of cotton canvas, rub gently with a soft brush once the fabric is completely dry. If you are sitting under trees that may lose leaves or resin, clean it regularly to protect the roof. Also, remember to periodically clean the skirt and the wheel cover. Regarding the good at awning Singapore this is the best deal.

Maintenance of the awning after camping

At the end of your stay, it is important to wait until the awning is completely dry before folding and storing, otherwise the residual moisture will make the bed mold. Same precaution are there for porchessolute and other awning options. The curtains themselves can be washed at 30 ° without spinning or tumble-drying.

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