What’s more appealing than keeping your data, no matter what computer or tablet you use. They do no longer have to carry devices to view their photos or access documents. The cloud has become the magic word for online storage. But in all these cloud systems, how to navigate? How to be sure to make the right choice? The best in cloud solutions are there obviously. Then there are more as well.


This is one of the oldest storage spaces on the web. Its great strength is that it is suitable for all operating systems. You can use it from your PC like your Mac, Linux system, tablet or smartphone.

Another positive point, its user interface

With Dropbox, it’s very easy to drag and drop your files for storage on the cloud and save them for later sharing with any user, whether or not they are registered on Dropbox. You can store your photos, videos and documents, but also build a collaborative document. Each user will be able to update the document in real time while the changes are visible and unique. On the backup side, there is nothing planned in case of data deletion, but you have access to a 30-day history.

Google Drive

This is probably the most popular of all storage spaces. It is addictive, with its 15GB of free storage.It also allows many applications, such as syncing photos and videos with your smartphone, and the creation interface that looks like Microsoft Office in every way.With Google Drive, you can create your documents, automatically back them up to the cloud, and access them anytime, with any machine. The only condition sine qua non: have a Google account.

  • “The storage space is filling up fast since it includes Gmail mail.”
  • However, if you want to increase your space up to 100 GB, it will only cost you € 1.99 per month. For 1 TB, count € 9.99 per month and for the greedy, 10 TB is priced at € 99.99 per month.
  • You do not have a backup system for your documents, but Google Drive gives you the history of your files for 30 days.
  • On the security side, Google Drive offers the SSL data encryption protocol. Patriot Act, the giant who controls and monitors everything in the United States checks everything on Google. Better to know it.

One Drive

The counterpart to Google is Microsoft. Favored by the large number of PCs sold each year in the world, it is included basic with the Windows 10 system. You can also store all your photos, videos, music and documents.Little problem, One Drive offers only 5 GB free where its direct competitor directly offers 15 GB. But Microsoft takes the advantage by offering to buy space and get more Office 365 suite.

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