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Is an Android phone better for business than an iPhone or is it the other way round? Even though both platforms share a number of similarities, diehard fans believe that they are as different as night and day. Most apps that are made for the iOS operating system are also available for Android users. However, they do have some differences in terms of hardware, software, security terms etc. Which is better for business purposes comes down to these features:

In Terms of Design

When it comes to design, Apple phones trump Android mobile devices. In addition, the former’s operating system is considered to be not only more attractive, but also more intuitive compared to the latter.

Apple’s OS is considered to be the best for those who use their devices on a regular basis. Besides being highly accessible, it is quite user-friendly and also easy to navigate by experienced and inexperienced users alike. Android based devices on the other hand are not considered to be effective for business use since most of the settings are hidden behind apps and menus.

Both iOS and Android mobile devices can be used to make charts with the aid of SciChart charting library. The software is used by thousands of developers to create iOS charts, Android charts and fast WPF charts.

However, functionality is sometimes sacrificed in favor of simplicity in design. In this instance, Android products can be considered more feature-rich than Apple based products and also because the former provides more options in terms of customization. In other words, Android is ideal for business use for individuals in search of a bespoke experience.

In Terms of Accessibility

iOS operated devices are under the absolute control of the brand that made it – Apple. This means that the brand not only has complete control of the platform, it also decides which functions and apps can be developed or expanded. However, this means that it does not offer as many options in customizations that are useful for business owners. In other words, Apple sacrifices customization for user experience across all of its devices.

Android on the other hand, sources its hardware and software from a long list of providers which is why each of its devices has its own personal operating system that makes it unique. However, this may lead to some security issues and some devices are updated later than others depending on the OS they operate on. That may be an issue for business owners or those who work with them and who are responsible for handling large amounts of confidential data.

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