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The software development tools acts as a set of computer programs. The software developers make use of it to create a program, run and debug all the errors that had been found in it and maintain them correctly. The most basic tool that had been used is the source code editor and a compiler or an interpreter that are used for ubiquitously. Not only this but also the other tools had been used based on the language, development, engineer and the process that had been carried out in developing.

At present there are lots of cool software tools are available for developing. Through using them you can able to really enjoy and it acts as the best friend for the developers. In past days the production code would never get updated quickly for the developers to do likings. But now it is not as like that one can able to easily perform anything that he needed and these all happens due to the latest tool that had been arisen to bridge a gap between the offering services ranging from the configuration management for application portability.

Few of the rocking standard cool software tools

Here is the list of few rocking cool software tools that is rocking at present. They are as follows

Atlas it would provide the visibility into the infrastructure that would be including the different servers, virtual machines and containers in additional to that the configuration management and service discovery.

The chef is the system and cloud infrastructure framework that had been used for automating the building, deploying and for doing the management of infrastructure. The real power of the chef had been used for pluggable configuration modules. The high profile chef users of facebook had been recently an open sourced into some of its own chef cookbooks.

The Docker would bring up the portability for application through the containerization technology, wherein the application runs in self contained units which had been moved across the platforms. This would contain the Docker engine that too which has light weight run time and package tool.

The saltstack system would provide the management for the data automation server provisioning, cloud building and for application configurations. The event driven cloud infrastructure would do automation tool and this can able to automate the tasks.

The scriptRock GuardRail configuration would help for monitoring with oversees of machine configuration. This can able to help the user to ensure their production environment is identical to QA, test and dev environments.

The splunck is the tool that is used for finding and fixing up the issues in the real time across the application lifecycle through allowing the developers to visualize the data and production in the environments without having the access production machines. It would help for the users for embraces to develop for processing which would include the continuous integration and deployments.


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